Our history is made of research and innovation

  • May/2018Biomolecular Diagnostic S.r.l.

    New Generation Sequencing microbiota analysis of samples from vaginal sampling of women presenting symptoms of vulvo-vaginal atrophy (Vulvo Vaginal Atrophy, VVA) before and after laser treatment (Monnalisa Touch).
    Next genomics BioStat
  • November/2016PMA Center of Cortona
    USL Sud Est Regione Toscana

    Identification and evaluation of miRNAs present in total follicular fluid.
  • October/2016National inter-university consortium for materials science and technology
    INSTM - Firenze

    Development of biotechnological methods for the synthesis of recombinant peptides
  • September/2016University of Florence
    Department of Agri-food Production and Environmental Sciences

    Phytophagous control strategies
  • May/2016Research Unit for Multifactorial Diseases, Obesity and Diabetes
    Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital

    Bioinformatic analysis of 450K methylation study
  • April/2016AOU Meyer di Firenze
    University of Siena

    Development of an innovative strategy for personalized medicine for the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases in children
    Project SMART, FAS Health 2014, Tuscan Region
  • March/2016Endocrinology and Diabetes University
    Bio-Medic Campus of Rome

    Genotyping of rs2066827 on the gene CDKN1B
  • September/2014University of Florence
    Department of Chemistry

    Study and application of bioinformatics analysis for the evaluation of interactions between molecules and the quantification of microRNAs.
  • January/2014San Pietro Fatebenefratelli Hospital
    U.O.S. Rheumatology Rome

    Identification of genes involved in predisposition to Coxartrosis (HIPOGEO)
  • June/2013Sixtus Italia S.r.l.

    USB Genome: New Generation Sequencing on a mass platform USB.
  • July/2012University of Florence
    Department of Chemistry

    Membrane proteins and development of new traditional and biotechnological drugs (ProtFarm, Progetto Alta Formazione, Regione Toscana).
  • Giugno/2012Milan Lab
    AC Milan S.p.A.

    Sport Hexagon: Hexavalent genetic diagnosis for the expression of athletic performance and reduction of the incidence of muscle injuries.
  • Settembre/2009University of Florence
    Department of Agricultural Biotechnology

    Development of molecular markers based on single nucleotide polymorphisms for the preparation of innovative diagnostic methodsi
    Progetto Biosecurity, DOCUP Regione Toscana (Azione 1.8.1)
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