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Symbyo allows you to get simple answers to all your problems


Informations can I get

A snapshot of the health of your gut:

  1. Your intestinal balance (Find out if you have intestinal dysbiosis)
  2. Your enterotype, which is the bacteria you selected based on what you eat
  3. Directions on how to optimize your diet and your lifestyle
  4. Advice on prebiotics, probiotics and supplements to evaluate together with your doctor
  5. Indications regarding the effectiveness of a treatment or a cure

    Why choose SYMBYO test

    • Analysis of all bacteria, even those that are not detected by normal tests
    • Latest generation technologies (NGS)
    • Customizable: request for analysis of the bacterial species of your interest
    • Certified devices, instruments and laboratories
    • Simple and readable medical reports

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    How to use Symbyo

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    custom tips
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    health status

    Do you have intestinal dysbiosis?

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